of CO2 emissions

Factories are consuming excessive amounts of energy, chemicals, and other resources, contributing to 30% of global CO2 emissions.


social cost of carbon

Industries are not on track with the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario.


required investment annually

Achieving net-zero emissions represents the most significant challenge humanity has ever encountered.


new annual sales by 2030

The transition to net-zero emissions creates massive opportunities
for the emergence of new green businesses.

“AI is overcoming barriers to decarbonization, empowering manufacturers of all sizes to lead in the low-carbon transition.”


Our solution

Optimize existing manufacturing processes to achieve both sustainability and business profitability:

  • Less energy & chemical consumption
  • Better & more sustainable products
  • Process automation with continuous optimization

Predict all the product
qualities well in advance

Utilize advanced AI models to learn the complexity of the manufacturing processes

Recommend optimal operation
setpoints continuously

Employ advanced optimization algorithms to achieve high performance and cost savings

Automate process control

Seamlessly integrate and deploy AI models to manufacturing processes.